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This tutorial explains how realizing a 33 turns entirely with photoshop. It'll be able to be useful to realize also a head as the one shown above.
The original tutorial is in Italian language and comes from Here.
Many thanks to Graphiczoneonline.it Now, Good Job!


Step 1

First new document 190x190px, Level>New level and now we trace with the tool Elliptical Selection a perfect circle at the center of the document.


Step 2

Load this gradient in your "Gradient Palette" and trace the gradient leaving from the center of the circle, as from figure.


Step 3

From the Image menu:-> regulates-curves> (Ctrl+M). Load this settings in your "Curves Palette".


Step 4

Now with this small circle selection, create the hole on disc center. Create a new level called: "hole", restores default colors "D" inside the selection Atl+Backspace and fill with white.


Step 5

Below the "Hole Level" create a new layer and call it: "Label". Expand the selection of 20px and fill it with your prefer colour.


Step 6

Below the "Label level" create a new level and call it "Noise".CTRL+Click on first level ( vinyl ) and fill with white.

Now apply this filter:


Step 6

Set the "Fusion Method" from "normal" to "Multiply", lowering the opacity to 85%. Here the result.

8) Finish Result!

Final Result

Add your fantasy!!:-) Finish...