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Flickr GalleryHo comprato da un pò di tempo una reflex digitale, e devo dire che fotografare con questa macchina è davvero tutta un'altra storia. Per chi volesse vedere qualche mio scatto può visitare il mio profilo su FlickR a questo indirizzo. Non appena darò una sistemata al sito, penso di inserire un link a questa gallery. Aspetto qualche commento.Cheers:)
Published: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 23:56:10 GMT
Magurno's screenshotGabriele Magurno have update your website with a new layout. Inside Magurno's website many cool download, brushes,photos and goodies. Very beautiful the Music Portfolio section, Gab is a great DJ and musician. His webdeveloper slogan is: XHTML Sucks. Big Ol' Fat Sites Are Better. Live With It. But in this last work he hasn't respected it:) The website is xhtml+css standard. Bravo Gabriele!!
Published: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 21:29:13 GMT
Excuses me if I haven't brought update lately, But I've had very much work. I hope to have several time to update the blog. Recently i have published a tutorial on "Matrix Navigation Bar". You can see to this URL.
Published: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 22:46:53 GMT

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